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    Students in the W.I.N.G.S program at Tipton Elementary displayed their Rube Goldberg machines they made on Friday, Feb. 23. These machines had to be made to be able to launch a ping pong ball and had to have at least four relays. Showing off their launchers are Carsyn Petree, left, fourth grade, and Max Anderson, kindergarten.
    Warrants net 10 drug arrests, more possible
    The Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office, working in conjunction with the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force and the Tipton Police Department, executed three search warrants Wednesday evening, Feb. 22. Two search warrants were executed in Latham, with the third in Tipton.
    Breakfast talk
    The Tipton FFA Chapter ended their National FFA Week by hosting their annual FFA Breakfast for the faculty and friends of FFA on Friday, Feb. 24 in the Ag Building. The students, under supervision of the advisors, cooked pancakes, bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs for everyone to enjoy.
    Lead the pack
    Derek Fassler drives his tractor from school leading the pack of 15 other tractors driven by students on Thursday, Feb. 23. It was FFA's annual "Drive your tractor or muddy truck to school day" in part of National FFA Week. FFA Administrator Garry Morris said this is the most tractors he has seen be driven to school since he has been at Tipton. There were also two muddy trucks that made an appearance.
    Everyone enjoyed seeing the 16 tractors driven by students on display at the Tipton School Parking lot on Thursday, Feb. 23. Here are just a few ready to leave school.
    Updating paperwork
    Phyllis Pickens finishes paperwork while Gordon Gump enjoys a snack at the Red Cross community blood drive Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 22. The American Legion provided snacks and the Tipton United Methodist Church the manpower to prepare and serve them to donors after giving blood.
    Deeds record changes
    in property ownership
    The following changes in property ownership were filed recently with the Moniteau County Recorder of Deeds. This report is a brief description of the deeds filed with the recorder. For a complete description of the properties visit the recorder’s office at the Moniteau County Courthouse in California.
    Moniteau County Court proceedings
    Infractions, Misdemeanor, Criminal Felony and Civil Cases Disposed
    City, taxpayers prevail; judge disolves district
    The City of Tipton and three taxpayers who filed suit against the Moniteau County Library District have won their case so far as Judge Donald Barnes Sr. entered a ruling Tuesday afternoon that dissolves the district and orders all tax funds collected from western subdistrict taxpayers be turned over to the city.
    Placement of yellow letters in
    mailboxes being investigated
    The placement of unstamped letters in rural mailboxes by someone other than a mail carrier is being investigated by postal authorities. The local postmaster said the matter has also been referred to the Moniteau County Sheriff’s Department.
    Food Bank increases distribution to Moniteau County for 2016
    The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri increased the pounds of food distributed to Monitea County residents in 2016.
    Third in points
    The Tipton Speech team competed at the New Bloomfield Tournament, on Saturday, Feb. 18, taking the third place Sweepstakes trophy and earning the third highest total points. Ten Tipton events advanced into the finals for the meet. Those attending are, from left: Front row, Wyatt Schmidt, Taylor Allee and Mitchell Moon; middle, Ashley Edwards, Brandi Hagan, Faith Ehlers and Debbie Guymon; back, Brian Hill, Crystal Gutierrez, Elizabeth Dotson, Aaren Vollmer, Owen Schmidt, Kaysie Lavery, Kayleigh Kruse, Dylin Cline, Shelby Barton and Ciera Buckner.
    Tipton Speech Team keeps busy, advancements at each meet
    Tipton Speech Team has kept themselves busy going from tournament to tournament. Starting in Warsaw, then off to Cole Camp and finishing in New Bloomfield.
    Getting ready
    Ernie Vines drills holes into the sides of the concrete slabs of the country club pool so Ethan Klingele can post rods in them to prepare to pour the rest of the deck on Monday, Feb. 20. The crew was prepping the walls and ground in order to pour the rest of the deck on Tuesday. Kyle Berendzen, owner of Berendzen Construction, said they should be done with their portion of the pool by Thursday, Feb. 23.
    Tipton Nutrition Center menu, activities
    421 Independence Avenue
    Cargill Cares sets distribution dates for March
    Cargill Cares Food Pantry has set distribution dates for March as follows: From 3-5 p.m. Thursday and Friday, March 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17; and from 9-11 a.m. Saturday, March 18.
    New books at Price James Memorial Library
    The following books are now available at Price James Memorial Library.
    Tipton Oak Manor happenings
    We want to welcome Melva Dean Arnold to our family of residents this week.
    Warm dry weather not good for farmers
    SYRACUSE- It’s Feb. 17 and I am sitting in front of the window looking outside. with sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. The entire month of February has been extremely dry and unusually warm. There has not even been a small chance of rain and that is drawing some concern from the local farmers. You may be in trouble if you planted winter wheat. I saw some of the local fields have been plowed and farmers have been applying fertilizers and herbicides for weed control. I saw one of my fields being limed and now all we need is some rain or snowfall.
    School menus
    Bunceton royals
    The 2017 Bunceton Homecoming Court is, from the left, Princess Cara Bishop, Prince Dakota Rose, Queen Lauren Wieland and King David Knipp with kindergarten attendants Kimberly Schmidt and Levi Ray.
    Bunceton celebrates homecoming with dress up days
    BUNCETON- Homecoming week! Monday was Tacky Tourist Day and the students really got in on the fun. On Tuesday, the students and staff dressed like they were walking the red carpet because it was Black Tie and Pearls Day. Nobodies’ clothes matched on Wacky Wednesday. Superheroes and villains filled the hallways and classrooms on Thursday, and Friday was Black and Gold Day.
    Cattle market
    Central Missouri
    Second place team
    The Otterville junior high girls were coached by Charlie Ross and took second in the Kaysinger Conference Tournament at Otterville.
    Remembering Otterville history
    OTTERVILLE- The town of Otterville was first called Elkton, originating in the year 1837, and was incorporated by the state of Missouri on Feb. 16, 1857.
    Valentine royals
    Dean and Rosalie Irey were crowned Valentine King and Queen at California Care Center during the Valentine’s Day party there.
    Latham students enjoy trip to lake
    LATHAM- Monday, Feb. 13 was the MAP reward trip for all students scoring proficient or advanced on the spring tests from last year. The group had a great time at Get Air at the Lake of the Ozarks.
    Report from the state Capitol
    My time last week was again consumed with budget hearings. The directors of the Departments of Health, Mental Health and Social Services presented their requests and the governor’s recommendations to the full budget committee on Tuesday and Wednesday. This process started at 8 a.m. and concluded at approximately 7 p.m. each day with a break for session from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. There were a lot of questions about the cuts that have been made and how they would affect our constituents. We will conclude the full budget hearings this week and then the appropriations committees will be making our changes for the full House of Representatives to consider.
    Real life can be funny
    It’s in the pot
    Vitamin C and colds
    In 1970, biochemist Linus Pauling published “Vitamin C and the Common Cold,” promoting the idea that large doses of the vitamin could reduce the severity and duration of a cold.
    Club ntoes
    Practice safety in grain bins
    This is one of the most dangerous times of the year for farmers, says University of Missouri Extension safety specialist Karen Funkenbusch. Grain Bin Safety Week is Feb. 19-25.
    Times' mailbag
    Root of the matter
    Plans for Olive Ashurst Day begin
    The Friends of Price James Library have begun planning for the third annual Olive Ashurst Day at the Library.
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